adj. imprinted, decorated with stamped markings (of pottery)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • sigillate — sigillation, n. /sij euh layt , lit/, adj. 1. (of a ceramic object) having stamped decorations. 2. Bot. having markings that resemble the impressions of a seal. [1425 75; late ME < L sigillatus. See SIGIL, ATE1] * * * …   Universalium

  • sigillate — To cover with official stamps and seals …   Grandiloquent dictionary

  • sigillate — adj. 1 (of pottery) having impressed patterns. 2 Bot. having seal like marks. Etymology: L sigillatus f. sigillum seal dimin. of signum sign …   Useful english dictionary

  • terre sigillate — obs. f. terra sigillata …   Useful english dictionary

  • Samian ware — is a kind of bright red Roman pottery also known as terra sigillata (although this is not quite correct, on the continental mainland, terra sigillata refers to both samian and Arretine wares). It is similar to the earlier Arretine ware and both… …   Wikipedia

  • scarlet — /skahr lit/, n. 1. a bright red color inclining toward orange. 2. cloth or clothing of this color. adj. 3. of the color scarlet. 4. flagrantly offensive: Their sins were scarlet. [1200 50; ME < OF escarlate < ML scarlata, scarletum, perh. < Ar… …   Universalium

  • terra sigillata — /sig euh lah teuh, sij euh lay teuh/ 1. See Arretine ware. 2. See Samian ware. [ < NL or It, explained as earth (i.e., earthenware) with incised decoration (see TERRA COTTA, SIGILLATE), but appar. orig. an adaptation of an earlier and ML name for …   Universalium

  • Eastern sigillata D — (ESD, also known by the regional designation Cypriot sigillata) is a Roman period tableware, or terra sigillata, produced in Cyprus. Eastern Sigillata d/Cypriot sigillata feeder jug. Further reading Hayes, John. 1985. Sigillate Orientali;; in Enc …   Wikipedia

  • Kleinkastell Biebig — hf Kleinkastell Biebig Limes ORL (RLK) Strecke (RLK) Rätischer Limes, Strecke 14 Datierung (Belegung) bis spätestens um 260 n. Chr. Typ …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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